White Sox To Edge Cleveland Indians According to Sports Handicapper

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a Sunday winner is on the Chicago White Sox (+119) with Edwin Jackson against Cleveland.

Reasoning: Yesterday I backed Jackson in a major 400,000* release which was rained out so why am I backing things down today? Well I now expect a much better Justin Masterson to toe the runner for the Indians instead of the soft tossing lefthander David Huff who was very due to get roughed up a bit if not for Mother Nature. I’m not necessarily scared of Masterson and certainly like getting what appears to be a takeback here with the more talented and less injured visitors from Chicago but against what I deem to be a real pitcher I can’t exactly be all that confident in Ozzie Guillen’s underachieving Sox.

I’m still sticking with a surging former All-Star in Jackson and do like really Konerko and Quentin along with some other at least potentially talented guys in the lineup like Pierre, Beckham and Dunn but my conviction is not nearly what it was here against a quality Masterson. 

The Cleveland right-hander is very good and has been very good most of the time, if not great, but I will still somewhat fade him here thanks to the Indians not being close to full strength without both Shoo and Sizemore. Cleveland is I guess still somewhat capable with Hafner and Cabrera and a few other young kids that may be good eventually but overall the offense is lacking a lot right now. Jackson has been eating innings and striking out a lot of batters making me alright with him here against a mediocre at the very best Indian lineup.

By the way if Huff does happen to pitch for the Tribe and not Masterson then back the Sox at a pick in a much higher valued play than just a complimentary type play.

Top expert pick on this game: The big 400,000* play yesterday from Cleveland was rained out leaving only a miniscule 200,000* loser on the underdog Mets. No sweat though as things are still extremely golden (just look at the numbers above) and golden they will be one more time today. To put it in perspective on Friday alone I went a perfect 3-0 and profited 800,000* so the Mets blowing the 2-0 lead yesterday isn’t chafing me all that much.

Two more winners today including another monster 400,000* which comes in the evening between the Braves and Reds plus a 200,000* involving the Cardinals and Pirates. 2-0 sweep from the best, end of story! Click now to purchase



About the Author

Matt Rivers has been a champion handicapper for years at a previous outlet and left for a new challenge once again proving he is the best in the business, bar none. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts from a top 20 college, Emory University in Atlanta, and has worked at two major television networks covering both pro and college sports. A thorough knowledge of the sports world combined with personal gambling experience along with years of professional handicapping has helped mold Mr. Rivers into the rock solid consistent winner that he is today.

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